Is your home Green Certified?

As both energy costs and environmental awareness rise, energy-efficient "green" homes are becoming more desirable.'s Green Certification program can help you enter into this market with an edge. 
To determine if your home qualifies for Green Certification before having it inspected, follow these simple instructions:
  1. Print a copy of the Green Certified Checklist (may take a few moments to load)
  2. Go through the worksheet and, to the best of your knowledge, try to answer each question listed in the OBSERVATION column.  If you don't understand a question are are unsure about it, don't worry--this step is simply an initial assessment to determine whether you're ready to have your home independently evaluated.
  3. Tally your answers to pages 1 through 3 (adding the values of the POINTS column together) in the space labeled FINAL RESULTS on page 3.
If your results are close to the required levels listed in the FINAL RESULTS section on page 3:
  • Contact your local InterNACHI inspector to come to your home and visually inspect it.  This independent verification is a required part of the certification process.  The inspector will then submit an application on your behalf and, assuming your home qualifies, you will receive a printed certificate in about a week.  You can use this Certificate to advertise your home as Green Certified.
  • Green Certified inspection fees vary by inspector and are likely to range from $250 to $500.  This is the only fee associated with the certification.  (You will not be billed by
If your results strongly indicate that your home won't qualify for certification:
  • Consider upgrading the low-scoring areas of your home. 
  • Use the checklist as a guide to make energy-efficient improvements.