Offering Green Certification

Offering Green Certification inspections is a great way to increase ancillary revenue from your current home inspections and generate new Green Certification-only inspections.  All Green Certification inspections must be performed by an InterNACHI-Certified Professional Inspector┬« who has taken InterNACHI's Green Building course.  If you meet these requirements, follow these simple instructions to perform a Green Certification inspection.
Before the inspection:

  1. Print a copy of the Green Certified Checklist  (may take a few moments to load).
  2. Fill out the PROPERTY OWNER section of the form on page 1.
  3. Fill out the CERTIFYING INSPECTOR section of the form on page 3.


At the inspection:

  1. Enter the date in the DATE INSPECTED field near the top of the first page.
  2. Award points for each OBSERVATION by entering the number of points for that observation in the POINTS column of the checklist.  Each observation has a suggested points value listed in the upper left-hand corner of that row's points column.  The inspector may, at his or her discretion, award 2 points more or less than the suggested points value.
  3. Add up each page's points in the PAGE TOTAL field near the bottom right-hand side of the page (COLUMN TOTAL fields are provided to make this addition easier--it is highly suggested that you use them).
  4. Initial each page in the box labeled INITIAL to help prevent tampering with the results.
  5. Enter any additional comments and discretionary points in the ADDITIONAL COMMENTS section on page 3.  This space can be used to explain why additional points are being awarded.  In certain cases, you may want to subtract points in this section (such as in the case of a damperless fireplace or an exceptionally old/inefficient appliance, etc.).
  6. Tally your results from pages 1 to 3 in the space labeled FINAL RESULTS on page 3, and add them together to get the home's TOTAL POINTS.
  7. Determine whether the home qualifies for Class I or Class II (or no) certification based on the total points (see Qualifying Points in the FINAL RESULTS section on page 3).
  8. Fill out the Results section of page 1 by first checking either YES or NO in the top right-hand corner of the page (please check only one box to avoid invalidating the form).  If the home qualifies as Green Certified, enter its class in the Green Certified logo on page 1.
  9. Keep the checklist.  The owner will receive a printed certificate upon your submission of the results.


After the inspection:

  1. Log into the Green Certificate Generator.
  2. Enter the property's address and the home's total points.
  3. A certificate will be generated for you as a .jpg picture file.  Save the Certificate and archive it for at least one year.
  4. Upload the Certificate with FetchReport, InterNACHI's upload and download system for inspection reports.  Send the Green Certificate securely to your clients through the FetchReport system.

Note:  Please keep the original checklist for at least one year, as reserves the right to request a report up to one year from the date of its submission.