Go Green

Answer these 20 questions to see how your home rates.
1.Do you have a whole house or ceiling fan?
2.Would you describe your house as tall as opposed to wide?
3.Does your kitchen have a built-in recycling center?
4.Does your dryer vent to the exterior?
5.Is your thermostat programmable?
6.Is most of your carpeting light-colored?
7.If you have a pool, does it have a cover?
8.Does your thermostat have a "fan only" option?
9.Is your furnace high efficiency?
10.Do some of your light fixtures have dimmers?
11.Do you have deciduous trees providing sun in the winter and shade in the summer?
12.Are most of your shower heads low flow, water saving types?
13.Does your dishwasher have an energy saving cycle?
14.Is your attic well insulated?
15.Are your windows double glazed?
16.Are most of your walls and ceilings painted with a light color?
17.Do you believe your home is free of mold?
18.Is your furnace filter clean?
19.Does your house mostly face south?
20.Are all of your faucets drip free?